For Business

The average level of UK employee sickness absence is 7.4 days per employee per year. This equates to a constant rate of 3.3% of the population off sick at any one time and offers an estimated direct absence cost to you of £692 per employee per year (CIPD Absence Management Report 2009).

Sickness absence is a significant cost to all businesses. Not only are there the direct costs of salary and sick pay, but there are also considerable indirect costs in relation to management time, disruption and lost productivity. Some studies estimate that these indirect costs can double the direct costs.

Occupational health generally remains a largely unexploited source of value and there are many ways in which Working Well’s commitment can help to improve your organisation’s health and wellbeing at work. We can work in active partnership with your organisation to help you manage your staff and improve productivity, in a package tailored to your specific needs.

The Department for Work and Pensions has stated that provision of rehabilitation in the workplace is a sound business investment.

Research shows occupational health services can be very cost effective and can assist in:

• Reducing the cost of staff absence and sickness
by proactive case management and rehabilitation
• Promoting staff health and wellbeing which can in turn improve morale
• Reducing staff turnover by improved retention
• Compliance with legislation including Health & Safety legislation and the Disability Discrimination Act
which can reduce potential litigation costs
• Developing ways to tackle work-related stress
• Increasing productivity by improving health, attendance and morale