Working Well for Managers

As your chosen occupational health provider, our team can offer you:

  • Rapid access to specialist occupational health support by telephone and e-mail.
  • Appointments in local NHS locations near to employees’ work or home, reducing the impact on operational service delivery.
  • Site visits and provision of on-site services where facilities are appropriate.
  • Telephone consultations where appropriate.


Our pre-placement health screening process ensures that your prospective employee is fit for their new role. Baseline health surveillance or an assessment of immunisation requirements can be undertaken at this stage where necessary.


Health Surveillance promotes and protects the health of employees exposed to hazards in the course of their work. Compliance with legislation such as COSHH, The Control of Noise at Work Regulations, The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations etc. protects the health of employees and keeps the business safe.

Services include:

  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry
  • HAVS assessments (Hand arm vibration syndrome).
  • Biological monitoring for certain chemical exposures carried out by CPA and UKAS accredited laboratory services


Working Well can provide professional advice to line managers regarding the effect of the workplace on an individual’s health, as well as their fitness to work. By submitting our referral form to us we can help you understand an individual’s capability to fulfil the duties of their post and whether any adjustments are required to enable them to do so. We can also assist in determining whether a medical condition has been caused or aggravated by work.

We can provide recommendations for adjustments or alterations to the work and environment to support an employee’s return to work and/or full duties through correctly structured rehabilitation programmes. These adjustments may be temporary or permanent to ensure the safety of the employee and others, but we understand that managers may not always be able to accommodate our recommendations in a particular environment. We can also advise whether it is likely that the definition of disability is detailed in the Equality Act 2010.

We can assess individuals with a high rate of short term sickness absence and advise the referring manager whether there is an underlying health problem contributing to their absence pattern in order to assist your management of the employee.

Assessment of eligibility for ill health retirement pensions are undertaken as appropriate to the particular pension scheme.


We can offer immunisation and screening to your staff to protect themselves and others.


Working Well offers confidential and discreet information, support and counselling services for you and your staff. We can offer help with areas that include stress management, time management, assertiveness, post traumatic stress, communication difficulties and conflicts at work. We usually offer short intervention programmes for individuals which consist of six sessions however please call us to discuss any particular needs.


Health Promotion can be offered to all staff on an individual basis or to support healthy workplace initiatives such as smoking cessation, weight management, blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol testing. We can also produce an annual wellbeing report for individuals or your organisation.


We can work with your health & safety advisers to interpret and implement legislation around workplace hazards. Provision of advice on workplace hazards and health and safety law can help to reduce occupational illness and injury and associated costs including sickness absence, civil litigation and prosecution by HSE.

Workplace hazards or concerns can be investigated and assessed in response to an identification of need.