Case Management (Referral) Services

Why use Management Referrals?

Management referrals are undertaken following a referral to Working Well by a line manager or a human resources manager.  The manager should always discuss the referral fully with the employee and provide them with a copy of the completed referral form.

Case Management (Referral) services are advisory and consultancy support for managers who are concerned with the effects of work on an individual’s health, or the effects of an individual’s health on their capacity to do their job effectively.  This may include:

  • Advice regarding short or long term sickness absence
  • Rehabilitation advice and support for employees with health conditions or disabilities.
  • Adjustments or alterations to the work/workplace or work area required to enable a return to work and full duties.
  • Consider restrictions that are required, either temporarily or permanently on duties
  • Musculoskeletal specialist Physiotherapy advice on fitness to work and work related adjustments.
  • To determine if someone may be protected by the Equality Act 2010.
  • Retirement – consideration of situations where early retirement from work, for reasons of ill health, might be appropriate and if employees may be eligible for ill health early retirement pension under their particular employment scheme.

For Employees

You may, at some stage, be referred by your manager to Occupational Health for advice about any of the issues outlined above.  We act as impartial advisers to both your employer and you, in the interests of your health, with the focus on you sustaining attendance at work in a way that is safe and will not impact negatively upon your health.

The consultation that you have with us will be confidential and no personal or medical information will be passed to your manager without your consent.  We will prepare a report for your manager following our consultation with you and  you can opt to see this before it is sent if you wish.  Either way you will be provided with a copy of this.